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Welcome to the NCHTUK

Established July 1978

The National Council of Hindu Temples (NCHTUK) is an umbrella body of Hindu temples in the United Kingdom. It connects a network of over 200 temples in the country. It supports the temples, their management, employees and operations in order to enable public access to some of the oldest heritage sites of Hinduism. NCHTUK is also involved in areas of interfaith dialogue at forums like The Interfaith Network UK.

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Discover some of the current streams of unfolding

Hinduism in RE

INSIGHT UK conducted an online survey 12th September 2020 and ran for one month till 11th October 2020 to gauge and understand from the parents & students the current state of Hinduism in Religious Education in UK schools.


Census 2021

The National Council of Hindu Temples (NCHT) in conjunction with the Hindu Mandir Network organised a webinar on the subject of the Census 2021. 75 participants from Mandirs (Temples) across the UK participated in the online event on 20 Feb 2021.

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